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Raggiolo is a small medieval town built entirely in stone. The green woods of Tuscany in the province of Arezzo surround it. Characterized by ancient fortifications, narrow streets, small houses with tiny plots supported by walls, the village maintains perfectly even now its original features.

Located on the slopes of Pratomagno in the Casentino Valley in the middle of famous historical locations such as La Verna, Camaldoli, Poppi, Arezzo it is easily reachable by driving along roads that are themselves part of the beauty of the travel. And it is near Arezzo (40 km) – Florence (60 km) and Siena 90 (km)

History of the Village

Immersed in a timeless silence Raggiolo dominates its evergreen valley. It is a village whose noble and proud history has deep and ancient roots. Its people battles against misfortunes date back to the mists of time.

Its history had been made by Longobards, and feudal lords too. An old legend tells about a group of settlers from Corsica who arrived at Raggiolo many centuries ago as well.

The people from Raggiolo are stubborn, untameable and smart, and strengthened by hard work too. A mountain population whose lives follow the rhythm of nature, dry chestnuts, closeness to woods and animals, as well as transhumance to the Maremma area. They were skilled farmers, brave in using knives, strong and clever too. They were good in surviving long cold poor winters with the only support polenta, boiled chestnuts and cheese could give them.

All is left today is the village, moulded according to ancient mysteries. It was thought as a true and coherent evidence of the ancient relation with the surrounding environment. Raggiolo still states its people wisdom and simple life style. Thus we can still admire a village and enjoy its people’s identity both worth to be preserved, a true project for the future.

Where we are

P.zza San Michele, 3

52010 Ortignano Raggiolo