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Casentino is a valley mainly made up of woodland, which usually ranges from Cerro, to chestnut, to spruce and beech. These types of woods, together with typical local climate, form a perfect habitat for the growth of many species of mushrooms such as the delicious porcino mushroom (Boletus in Mycology) and the exquisite truffle.

Porcino mushroom is collected from May to the whole autumn time, and finds its apex during the months of June, July and September, October. As for truffles, the qualities present in the valley are manifold: the finest, present only in some areas of Casentino though very popular in the near Val Tiberina, is the “white truffle”. It gives off a strong and pleasant smell, it is eaten fresh as not suitable for baking.

On the contrary, the “exquisite black truffle” is a species found frequently in our area, and is very suitable for cooking; its smell is delicate and pleasant. Another very famous quality is the “Marzuolo truffle “, whose dimensions are certainly smaller than other qualities, but whose taste is certainly very consistent and significant.

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